Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flu Shot ='s boo shot.

So I got my seasonal flu shot a few weeks ago. Before Christmas maybe? I can't remember. It was cold outside so, sometime in December probably. Luckily, in the last few years I have moved past the shot/needle trauma that this woman is facing. I basically had to buy the seasonal flu shot on the black market. No lies. it's true. Ok, not EXACTLY true. I did have to call around a few places though and it was one of the 2 left where I went. It was fine. It made my arm sore at the injections site.

Yesterday I sucked it up and got the H1N1. I explained to my doc that I probably didn't need it because I work with mostly older people. She reminded me that I also go around people that are not old. Touche. So I went to HEB and took a shot (sounds more fun if you say it that way.) She was very quick and painless. I have had both shots at grocery stores because they aren't available at the doctors office. How is this possible?

Today. I feel it. My neck muscles are sore, my head is swimmy, my leg muscles are sore. Everything feels like crap. Jerks.

Why, you may ask are you getting all of these shots when you are opposed to getting them? (opposed because they force the flu to mutate and then we have super flu. I'm not against some people getting them--the elderly, people who work with children or like... at The Icing or something.) Anywho, it's because... I'm preggo. It's true. It must be true if you're reading it on the interwebs. That's the way it works, right?

12 weeks. Pictures may or may not be posted sometime. TBD.

I miss wine. And soft cheeses.


Leanne...the walker said...

I totally stalk your blog and am thrilled to hear about your big news!! Can't wait to read more. ;-)


John said...

Congratulations! The world needs more Black Babies, and more babies with the last name Black.

Boy. I called it first. Remember that. And you shall call him . . .Jet. Let it be so.

Jet Black. That would AWESOME.

SpeasHill said...

A. I love this picture. Love it. Love it.
B. I'm thrilled, you already know that - but I'm still thrilled.
C. Soft cheeses are okay if you check to make sure they are pasteurized -- that's the risk, as many soft cheeses aren't, but many are. Double check with your doctor/nurse, but I'm pretty sure about this one - bring on the goat cheese!

EMAAC said...

Fab news!! A cousin for Elliot! Hope you're feeling well.

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