Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Weather,

You confuse me. How can we go from 75 and sunny to 30 something and rainy in the matter of days? As I do most mornings, I ignore my alarm (this is new), and then lay in bed thinking about how I'd like to keep sleeping, and about how I should be getting out of bed--but don't. Then, I check my phone to make sure no one has emailed that work is cancelled for the day. This is pathetic, I realize. I still check every morning. Then, I check the weather.

Today--It said it FEELS like 29! I know for those of you who live above the Mason-Dixon you are just tsk tsking me and shaking your head, but I live in SOUTH TEXAS. I'm not against cold weather. It's more of the yo-yo effect that I'm not enjoying. I do NOT think it should be 75 in January. Someday, maybe? I'll live in a place where we have all 4 seasons again? This is doubtful, but maybe.

I was also unable to add my 14 week picture yesterday. This was not due to technical difficulties, as much as the fact that I had fat arms in the photo. I will re-attempt sometime this weekend.

Ben also steam cleaned our carpets last night (I did our couches) and I'm fearful that I will come home to dog pee in unsightly places. My dogs are extremely scared of rain and thunder. Fingers crossed they toughen up today.

AND--ALL props to my husband who has dramatically stepped up his game as I have lost mine. He has gone to the grocery store everytime for the last 3-4 weeks. He folded some laundry last night! He's cleaned the kitchen multiple times. He continued to do stuff around the house last night while I got in bed and obsessively read my book until it was finished. I didn't so much get to any of the cooking I had planned to do yesterday. I also didn't get all of my cleaning done that I had planned (our friends get here TODAY.) oops. Sorry, friends.

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I am so enjoying your blog!