Thursday, April 8, 2010

An ear of corn.

He's an ear of corn. Random. I mean, You think they would pick things that are round-ish and not like an ear of corn or a zucchini. Weird. Whatevs. He's growing... and so am I. I'm up 8 lbs. I went to the Doc yesterday for my 24 week appointment. I normally see my NP instead of the doc, but I have to see the doc at least half of my appointments. Yesterday was my second time seeing her and she luckily had more personality. (Wendy, the NP has a SUPER amount.) She asked how the half marathon was (saw her in January, I guess?) I told her we didn't end up doing it and she was grateful. She wasn't excited about my running apparently. I assured her she need not be worried because I have changed my running into ice cream eating. Kidding. I didn't mention that.

I also had my glucose test yesterday. I didn't think it was so bad--the "orange drink" that is. You are supposed to have your blood taken at EXACTLY an hour afterwards. I was more like one hour and twenty minutes and the ladies in the lab are not all sunshine and unicorns kind of people so they took my 800 viles three of blood and told me I'd probably have to do it again--possibly the three hour test. Wha what? No. So I'm waiting to hear back... and if I don't hear back I guess I'll assume things went well and I'm safe to continue my ice cream intake. I had 2 big scoops last night from baskin robbins in fear it will be the last hurrah.

**Update. I passed. I can continue with my mass amount of sweets. B12 is still low... I was supposed to have that checked a while ago but didn't have the form with me last time. So they are having someone "check on that."

I saved that from earlier... and now, because it's Thursday, I have obsessively cleaned the house and am doing the laundry.


SpeasHill said...

Ah, gestational diabetes...just about the one pregnancy complication I didn't have. :) When I did mine, they made us stay in the office and watch horrible videos on the computer about giving birth and promise a million times not to sue them if something when wrong, and I was like, what, something like my baby dying? Oh yeah, she's already scheduled to do that, so I can't believe your making me watch this crap. But then she didn't, so BOOYAH! I still kind of want to sue.

Margaret said...

are you telling me you're 26 weeks and you've only gained a total of 8lbs? Seriously? I may have to hate you now.

So glad that the test went ok! Told you it wasn't that bad ;)