Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So we painted last night. I've been thinking about all of the rooms I want to paint and what colors. When we moved into our house it had just been flipped so everything was painted nicely. It's just boring. I mean, we HAVE to paint the baby room, and wanted to so that's what sparked it. We can't have ONE room in the entire house that is painted a color and nothing else. That's just weird to me.

I want to paint an accent wall in the guest room (chocolate brown), the upstairs bathroom (really pale green), 1/2 bath downstairs (brownish/greyish color), our bedroom (really pale blue), and our bathroom a really bright greek isle blue.

We painted Griffin's room the 2 blue's last night (dark, almost navy below the chair rail and lighter blue above--we will paint the inside of the closet green.) I taped a week and a half ago. Um, here's the thing. I like painting in THEORY and not so much in practice. First things first, I'm not a highly skilled painter. Thank goodness for old wash rags that I could use to wipe up my spills. Thank goodness for my husband who patiently did all of the area near the ceiling. Tonight while he's in a meeting I will do the second (and hopefully final) coat on the room. I'm sure there will be touch ups.

It doesn't deter my NEED to get things painted. I still want to do it. I just need to acknowledge my flaws and move on. Also on the nesting list? Pantry organization. It needs to happen. I'm kind of preoccupied with it. I also really want to organize under the kitchen sink and put down some cute contact paper. We're also getting our floors cleaned in mid-may. Pretty thrilled about this. I'm thinking the dogs should also be groomed around then and then again in July before this baby makes his arrival.

In other news... I've gained a pound since yesterday. I called the doctors office this AM (of course I did) and they assured me that it's water retention. Awesome.


Jill said...

Wow. The bodysuit is certainly a doozy. I am just trying to think if I bought one, where on Earth would I wear it to? Even as a joke?

My bestie is getting married in September, perhaps the rehearsal dinner?

John said...

I like the casual name drop in the midst of your post.

Courtneytcu98 said...

Steph did some amazing things with my pantry from the Container Store. Amazing, I tell you.