Friday, April 9, 2010

Love actually.

Have you seen this movie? If you have not--you are no friend of mine.

I just had an incident. You know when the guy is going to the store and is buying his somewhat mistressy/secretary lady a necklace and Mr. Bean is like SUPER SLOW and he gets all anxious that his wife is going to come back and find him?

Ok, it wasn't exactly THAT situation--but close. Ok, maybe just the anxiety. So I went to sephora after having a lovely lunch with a friend. I didn't want to go home yet because we have a roast cooking and I knew it would smell delish so I was distracting myself. I'm an avid shopper. I like to put things in my basket and then not purchase them because my good senses/guilt kick in. Anyway, I'm walking around holding 2 items and this lady is like, "would you like to try a Philosophy Oxygen Peel"? Sure. Why not. I was actually (in real life) going to look at them. So I sit... and my stomach starts moving. Shifting. FREAKING ME OUT that I may or may not yarf on her. She's talking talking--it has to sit for 3 minutes. Talking talking. I'm concentrating so hard on not becoming violently ill.

Pause--have I mentioned my tendency to be a hypochondriac? Ben had a stomach bug earlier this week and so my paranoia switch flipped and I feared that it had bestowed itself upon me.

Back to the story she tells me all about it and I don't want to interrupt her. I just need to get out of there, but she's put so much effort into this that I feel bad running off. So I just say, I'll take everything. Purchase. Leave. Come home. Haven't yarfed yet. Maybe it was my subconscious telling me I needed those items?

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Txdad said...

This is my wife's and my favorite movie of all time! I never get tired of it and it always renews my faith in love....btw, your other blogs are hysterical, please resurrect them!