Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Weather,

You confuse me. How can we go from 75 and sunny to 30 something and rainy in the matter of days? As I do most mornings, I ignore my alarm (this is new), and then lay in bed thinking about how I'd like to keep sleeping, and about how I should be getting out of bed--but don't. Then, I check my phone to make sure no one has emailed that work is cancelled for the day. This is pathetic, I realize. I still check every morning. Then, I check the weather.

Today--It said it FEELS like 29! I know for those of you who live above the Mason-Dixon you are just tsk tsking me and shaking your head, but I live in SOUTH TEXAS. I'm not against cold weather. It's more of the yo-yo effect that I'm not enjoying. I do NOT think it should be 75 in January. Someday, maybe? I'll live in a place where we have all 4 seasons again? This is doubtful, but maybe.

I was also unable to add my 14 week picture yesterday. This was not due to technical difficulties, as much as the fact that I had fat arms in the photo. I will re-attempt sometime this weekend.

Ben also steam cleaned our carpets last night (I did our couches) and I'm fearful that I will come home to dog pee in unsightly places. My dogs are extremely scared of rain and thunder. Fingers crossed they toughen up today.

AND--ALL props to my husband who has dramatically stepped up his game as I have lost mine. He has gone to the grocery store everytime for the last 3-4 weeks. He folded some laundry last night! He's cleaned the kitchen multiple times. He continued to do stuff around the house last night while I got in bed and obsessively read my book until it was finished. I didn't so much get to any of the cooking I had planned to do yesterday. I also didn't get all of my cleaning done that I had planned (our friends get here TODAY.) oops. Sorry, friends.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lemon Drops

So, I'm officially in my 2nd trimester--14 weeks! My baby apparently is now the size of a lemon and has finger prints and makes pee. Just FYI on that one. Sounds gross to me. (I will possibly post a picture to accompany this later.)

In sad sad news--yesterday I had to toss the remaining 4 donuts from KK. They had created ants. I'm not sure how this happens. I probably missed this in Biology 2... when we were asked what would be a good animal/insect to create tests with and I suggested hippos--and my teacher shot me with a water gun and told me "no, fruit flies." I think I dropped that class pretty quickly.

In my weight gain arena--our scale's battery is waining. A few weeks ago it told me I weighed 128 lbs. (Ps. I do not.) Today, it was back in the normal range, but told me I have only gained 1 lbs. Not so sure I trust this with my recent sugar influx. I suppose since there is a dramatic cessation of alcohols it could be possible, but not probable. (Check out THAT scientific-ness.)

Supposedly in the 2nd trimester you regain TONS of energy. Here's the thing. I never lost energy. No extreme exhaustion, no yarfing. I DID have headaches, and still have nosebleeds--gross, I know. I feel the same amount of tired, the same amount of lack of desire to work out, the same craving for sugar (what is up with that?? anything scientific there? can I test a hippo?), same inability to sleep at night. Same disgust with shrimp. Gross.

Book reading obsession--back on track. I'm currently reading "The Help" and LOVING IT!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A few updates...

Ben fell down the stairs.--I don't remember which night this was... I was engrossed in the end of my book (I'm perfect. You're doomed.) There I am reading away and I hear a slip, oh no, thud. Ahhh. I jump up and neatly place my book on the table so as to not lose my spot. (It's an emergency, but so is losing your spot in a book.) There he is, next to a pile of snuggies, fishing supplies strewn about, gasping for air. I was stressed and worried as he was rolling around. Then he talked, and maybe then I giggled. He only missed one step so it wasn't as bad as it sounds... but it did make him extremely sore the rest of the week. So much so that we didn't run the 1/2 on Sunday. However, we met some friends for lunch and then people came over and hung out and had drinks and made dinner and in the process... Ben decided, that with an aching back he should clime a tree that has been annoying him (after removing sections of our fence) and they should cut it down. With a chain saw. And a rope tied to it. oh dear. I mostly watched from inside.ben in tree. friend throwing rope to additional intoxicated man.

We shopped for cribs. Or at least looked at some. And some car seats. I know it's early. The goal is to spread out these large purchases. Ben LOVED visiting, Buy Buy Baby, Babies r us and Baby Coco (local Austin store.) It was a nice little Saturday.

We got annoyed with the city of Austin for going to the movies on the night WE wanted to go. Um EVERY SINGLE MOVIE at Alamo drafthouse was sold out until 10:30. Which, we all know, is my bewitching hour and therefore dumb to pay money for me to go to a movie and sleep. Our prime goal in going to the draft house was that we didn't have food for dinner and they feed you.
We didn't end up running. So we went to La Madeline which was sooo busy they were SOLD OUT of bread. That's like Dairy Queen being out of ice cream. Sacreligious.

13 weeks picture.
AWFUL picture.

AND... my most recent cravings. I've restrained myself to 2 donuts. Until today. When I stopped at Krispy Kreme (I blame a blog I read who told me if I bought a dozen I'd get 12 valentine's cards that equal 12 free donuts.) For the record... I did not buy 12.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for Self Control--it seems to have disappeared.

Um, so I'm not a super sweets person. Given the chance for dessert at a restaurant, I'll probably get the cheese plate (or an alcoholic beverage.) I choose fruit. I think it's delish. I'm also that weird kid who prefers the waffle cone to the actual ice cream.
However, since I'm GROWING ANOTHER BEING this has changed. Case in point-I had bluebell (no sugar added) ice cream for dinner on Sunday night. It was the ONLY thing that sounded good. Sure, I occasionally go for some froyo, but it just hasn't been cutting it. I'm also knee deep in some creamsicles (only 100 calories. So basically like eating air.) Mmmmm and the thought of a rootbeer float is to die for.
Today, (it's only 10:45) I have had 4 breakfasts. Oatmeal with blueberries. An apple. A banana. Wait, ok only 3... unless you count my childs size organic chocolate milk onesie. I count it as calcium. Yesterday for lunch a BIG HUGE LOVELY grilled cheese. Working out? Umm.... I have worked out before. I went to yoga on Monday. Not sure that counts. Pretty sure it doesn't. I HAVE HAVE HAVE to run tonight or I will go to a super mega church and sing with my arms raised in the air. As this would be my personal hell I believe I better get those shoes up and running.

Did I mention I'm running a half marathon on SUNDAY. In only 4 days I will have my arse handed to me. It would have been helpful if after I ran 7 miles 2 weeks ago I donned my running shoes again, but alas...
I feel huge. Gigantic. Fatsy. I'm awkward. I know it's like Oh... but you're preggo. Sure. Sure. I don't think that means my self control goes flying out the window. Today it changes (I hope.) Today, (I think) I will get back on the train. If only I looked a LITTLE bit pregnant and not just like my clothes are tight that would make me feel better. You know what else would probably make me feel better?
A facial. A massage. And my last 2 servings of bluebell.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Glamour shots

In the first one Lola is lounging with her arm above her head. SO crazy!

Lola--because Whatever Lola wants... Lola gets. And, because she was a show girl.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flu Shot ='s boo shot.

So I got my seasonal flu shot a few weeks ago. Before Christmas maybe? I can't remember. It was cold outside so, sometime in December probably. Luckily, in the last few years I have moved past the shot/needle trauma that this woman is facing. I basically had to buy the seasonal flu shot on the black market. No lies. it's true. Ok, not EXACTLY true. I did have to call around a few places though and it was one of the 2 left where I went. It was fine. It made my arm sore at the injections site.

Yesterday I sucked it up and got the H1N1. I explained to my doc that I probably didn't need it because I work with mostly older people. She reminded me that I also go around people that are not old. Touche. So I went to HEB and took a shot (sounds more fun if you say it that way.) She was very quick and painless. I have had both shots at grocery stores because they aren't available at the doctors office. How is this possible?

Today. I feel it. My neck muscles are sore, my head is swimmy, my leg muscles are sore. Everything feels like crap. Jerks.

Why, you may ask are you getting all of these shots when you are opposed to getting them? (opposed because they force the flu to mutate and then we have super flu. I'm not against some people getting them--the elderly, people who work with children or like... at The Icing or something.) Anywho, it's because... I'm preggo. It's true. It must be true if you're reading it on the interwebs. That's the way it works, right?

12 weeks. Pictures may or may not be posted sometime. TBD.

I miss wine. And soft cheeses.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's COLD outside.

So it's cold here in Austin. Remember how I mentioned we kind of freak out when it drops below about 60 degrees (seriously.) Well, the hubs and I are signed up for the 3M half marathon on Jan 24th and we haven't really been training. Oops. Today we did a long run (7 miles) down at townlake. We got down there a little after 11 and it was still in the range of about 35 degrees. However, it was 30 and sunny and therefore beauty. So not only are we freaked out by cold weather, but also we are a town who works out. There was not a lack of people down there running, walking, riding their bikes etc.

I was fine in my pants, jacket, and shirt. However, I saw a woman in this...
I chose this picture because I think it clearly shows the ridiculousness. She was female and hers was bright blue. Amazing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No chunks.

So I have a new food love. Horizon Yogurt. No, I have always liked yogurt (no chunks please), but I have recently tried their "blended" (read no chunks) and it's delightful and like having dessert. I'm not a girl to complain about a dessert--especially if it's included in breakfast. I have so far tried lemon, raspberry, and blueberry. All hits. I suggest you try them (and for those of you who like chunky yogurt I think they have a non-blended variety.)

I'm also pretty thrilled about some book purchases I made last night on amazon. I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival and my move into solitary confinement--AKA awesome book zone. I'll keep you updated.

Monday, January 4, 2010

possessive much?

So I joined the Y last week. Like, literally, last Monday. I haven't been back since I took my picture by the white wall and scored my card. Last week was busy. And... I figure the new year didn't REALLY start until today when I took my sorry butt back to work.

SO I went to yoga. I forgot how possessive people can be of classes that they've been going to for say 2 months. We were all set up. Read to begin. Sitting in our own spots. Then there is the clamor from the "regulars" about all of the "new" people and seeming a little off put. Um, get over it and stretch. Complainy.

You know what else annoyed me in this class that is to bring me inner peace? The fact that a woman's children apparently decided 15 minutes before the class was over that it should be over. SO they stood outside of the door and jumped up and down in the window throwing themselves at the door. Awesome. There was no disciplining them either. Nor could I put my mat away because they were decidedly in the way.

So here I sit. Stretched and annoyed. Also annoyed after I picked up the group schedules and see that nothing (other than bootcamp) begins before 8 am. Um, hello YMCA we good people who enjoy a nice morning workout WORK too. Jerks. I should write a anonymous letter.

Blame this disgruntled mood on possession, ill behaved children, people not conforming to my schedule and my need for dinner.