Monday, September 26, 2011


The Seestor and her familia came to spend this past weekend with us.  Courtney, Chris the Ell-Monkey and the Little Peanut (or baby Broo Broo as Elliott calls her.  Or Brooklyn because well...that's her name.)  Anyway, it was a damn good time.  I should have worked a little harder on saying hot damn.  It didn't make it into the weekend.  I blame being off on a sinus infection, running 12 miles on Sat, and the bevvies consumed.
"I coloring."

Sweet happy little baby.  

I like that it appears they are playing together.  The truth is that G desperately wants to play with Elliott and Elliott is 2.5 and says that everything is "Mines" and subsequently wants to do everything G is doing.

Can this baby be any more beautiful?  I think no.  He also apparently calls fortune cookies "cookie nuts" which I find to be hilarious.  So I asked if he liked big or small ones.  I'm an awesome aunt.  

My baby loves to sit (for 1 second.)  He really likes to get in chairs and sit on them.  Well, chairs and dogs.

Said in my best Slick Willy (Bill Clinton) voice... "I did NOT eat any chalk."

The stand off.  The show down.  Ell saying "Mines colors!"  Griffin REALLY wanting to be together.

I really wish I had videoed them in the wagon.  Griffin was touching Elliott with one finger and making him freak out.  It was awesome.  Love those boys.  And those cheeks hanging out of that bottom.  

And yes.  We are in the front yard.  With a plastic pool.  And children with swim diapers and no suits (Or swim soups as Elliott says.)  And maybe a cocktail.  

It was a classy weekend.


CDS said...

That sounds like a damn good time!! :) When did you first introduce G$ to the sidewalk chalk?

A.B. said...

Well, I bought it for his bday (hells yes dollar spot) but we haven't brought it out again since then until now. He thought it was super fun! ... and tasty.

jill said...

this makes me laugh. i think i could be friends with you and your sister. i was laughing when i read her post about cookie nuts...flipping hilarious.

helga said...

Love my girls and grandbabies. I hope Ell learns to share with G money. Pictures are priceless, especially the one of Griffin eating the chalk.

Deana said...

I'm so glad to be an adopted member of this family. I'm hoping the cuteness will just rub off on me.