Thursday, September 29, 2011

Very vanilla

SO I was just looking at this pic of G$ where he's all "later mom.  I'm going on a trip.  No.  don't call.  I'll call you.  Yes, I'll brush my teeth.  No, I'm not poopie.  Stop asking.  it's so embarrassing.  I promise."

And I'm all... that kid is cute, but uhhhhhhhhhhh how boring is that whole scene?  Other than the fact that I let my child push around a piece of luggage for approximately 30 mins.  Whatevs.  Probably worse is that piece of wreath that stayed in that same spot for like 4 days when I pretended it wasn't there and then was constantly concerned it was dog poo for like .5 seconds then remembered my laziness... and my poor memory.

So I'm thinking of painting the inside of our front door.  well, and now the outside too.  We have a total cliche red door and I think I'm over it.  I think I want to go blue.  Ok, lets be honest I want to go turquoise, but I know the Ben Black won't go for it.  SO I'm thinking of this color of blue.  Islandy, no?


CDS said...

I love love love this idea! I love colorful doors!! :)

Deana said...

The blue door is the new red door. It reminds me of Hugh Grant's door in Notting Hill.

I don't know why I fixate on such things.