Friday, September 16, 2011

Mom of the year...

I've had that as my subject before.  I'm going to say it's because I'm fully aware of my momtastic short comings. Like last night when my baby was screaming when I put him to bed which I tried to ignore (I know you think I do that a lot, but I don't).  Then He wasn't laying down (this was only after maybe 5 mins) and I go up there and he's got a major poo.  Then he's signing "eat eat" and I'm all You JUST HAD DINNER you tiny little manipulator and laid him back down after a song and still awake awake awake... only to go up there and get him and feed him an ENTIRE BOWL of something.  So apparently my baby was starving.  I also picked him up today and he hadn't eaten much at daycare because he has a little cold and his care provider gave us some muffins for later... and I ate one.  In the car.  Hey, I'm sick too.

Anyway... so below is a video because I'm awesome.  I like to add words to my lingo.  Shazam.  It's one I super love.  I tried to bring back wack, but it just didn't take.  It also rained today--which is of no consequence to this blog post except the fact that IT EFFING RAINED TODAY for the first time in like almost 90 days.  Ridonk.  I'm basically going to put on every piece of northface gear I own and a scarf and go buy some wellies.

So here it is.  Now I'm waiting for my little one with a snotty nose and a cold and 4 teeth coming in to wake up. send us well vibes.  Or wellie vibes.  Whatevs.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

i say holy hell at least three times a day. does that mean i'm cool?!?

A.B. said...

You MUST be cool. I also said it yesterday completely out of the blue. So basically, I'm now very cool.