Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What does a monkey say?!?!

So I had to take the G$ to physical therapy with me today.  Which was 1/2 success 1/2 utter fail.  So I'm busy hooked up to some e-stem, G was in the jogger and started fussing because Brown Bear and snacks were no longer cutting it.  This new girl comes up and is talking to us--tells me about her nephew who is 5 months, but was 3 months early then switches to the baby--which is totally fine by me because HELLO, he's totally cute.  And I think a genius.

Then she's like how old.  I tell her.  She starts asking him all the different sounds animals make.  Cow.  moo.  (we kind of have that... in one book.)  Then she asks about Monkey and I go... oh, he doesn't know that one yet.  She is all "oh... I thought that was like one of the first things all kids learn."  Then walks away.  I'm sitting there with my dumb kid who doesn't know his animal noises.

I WANTED to tell her that he can point to your eye.. and the eye of things in books.  He knows ball.  Maggie.  Dog.  Down.  Hi.  Bye.  (no.) Mama.  Dada.  and can do SIGNS.  (and calls birds dogs, whatever.)  He can also say light and night night and lambie (his lovey) and Jenny (one of his day care ladies.) But, I held my tongue.  Because she doesn't care.  She wasn't judging me.  Unless she was judging the yogurt that was posing as hair gel today.


CDS said...

People suck. G$ rocks!

Heidi Bruch said...

Lmao. G is doing awesome. My poor second born. Thanks for motivating me....we have a couple animals down and some whining....;)

A.B. said...

Yes, today starts animal noise bootcamp. Heidi, you inspired me to let him start using utensils :)

jill said...

the fletch has quite a few animal sounds down, but to him, a horse will moo forever. it kills me that he won't accept that a horse neighs.
good luck with animal sound bootcamp. maybe we should attend too...that darn horse is really bothering me.

Meg said...

Seriously, who needs to talk to f*@&ing animals anyway? Kids need to talk to people. Just say he's giving the monkey the silent treatment.