Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So what's the diff?

I've been doing WW for 3 weeks.  Aka mostly starving myself for three weeks.  Minus the week that I gave up. I have lost and gained the same lb 3x.  I have no resolve.  none.  at all.  SO I've been considering what the differences are between now and 4 years ago when I got to my goal weight in the matter of 8 weeks.

1.  I NEEEEEEEEEEED my mom-tails now.  Need.
2.  I don't work with high school girls.  Instead I work with mostly "older" women.  High school girls made me MUCH more self conscious.  I mean, they didn't have hips.  They had long luxurious hair.  no hips.  Oh, and no need for makeups.
3.  I'm always tired.  Always.  I've moved into the one day a week training sched, I feel.  It isn't good.  Makes the long run much harder.  San Fran should be interesting.
4.  My house is cleaner now than it used to be.  I say that means that I'm fatter than I used to be.  I've moved into "mom" mode and no longer grad school/post grad school/husband still in grad school mode.  This means my hips are wide.  My middle is squishy.  My tolerance is high.  My snacks are more frequent (because babies eat lots of snacks.)  My fashion is lacking.
5.  Though I look nakers in that picture up there... I'm not.  I simply have on a strapless something (which I also can't really do now) and some arm definition.  And ONE chin.  My how things have changed.

I blame Griffin.
first baby-ators.


Heidi Bruch said...

Seriously, you are gorgeous. And your babe, darling in those little glasses. Ps-have another baby. I weigh less after number two then I did pre-baby....it is a direct result of having no time to sit or snack. Which is also not so fun. Choose your evil:)

A.B. said...

Evil choice of the morning?? 2 donuts. And a diet coke.

CDS said...

A you are way thinner than I am so I say shut the frotn door you are gorg! Love you! Love that kid! Love diet Coke! xoxoxo

Meg said...

You're gorgeous. And crazy. A good combo if you ask me. Don't change a thing.