Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Countdown.

In one week I will be 33.  I just had to look at last year's post to catch myself up.  Ben asked if there was anything cool I wanted for my bday?  Ummm?  I'm out of ideas.  I mean, I can think of PLENTY of things I want, but that I probably do not get for turning 30-ish. 

Last year we had surprise dinner at Uchiko (Paul Qui's place.. you know winner of that one show on bravo?  At least I watched it on bravo.  The whole season.  In one day.  God bless a marathon.)  Either way.  it was amazing.  And involved some vino.  Then extra vino at our dessert place.  That involved nutella smores.

There are few things I love more than really good food and a good buzz. 

However, I also love sparkly jewelry.  And face products.  And new jeans.  And new workout wear.  And new TV's.  And an ipad.  And someone else to make G's 1 year and maybe 2 year photo book.  Massages.  Days off.  Cheese.  Surprises.  And trips to Italy. 

So since my good buzz is off the table this year what do I want?


Jeannie Hunter Dunbar said...

Happy Birthday!!!

A.B. said...

And happy bday to you Jeanners!