Thursday, October 4, 2012

Holy Hell Balls.

Trademarked that phrase.  Hell balls are the worst.  Especially when they are holy.  And in my house.  Because my house is an inferno (#firstworldproblems.) 

Our AC has been effed for years.  Last year we had it replaced.  We had been rockin' for about a year and then things went downhill.  Guy came and topped off the freon, we were back in americanized bliss.  Until w got home from our long travels to a hot as hell house and no ac.  Guy came on Tuesday. Said he'd probably have the part on Wednesday, he doesn't, will get it tonight, and probably have it installed by lunch on Friday.

G's room was 81 degrees last night.  Gag a maggot.  (not trademarked.)

This morning I actually shaved my legs (the 2nd coming is upon us) and went to put on some coconut oil only it has liquified and poured all over the counter and floor.  EFF BALLS. 

Living the American Dream is really taxing sometimes. 

also... work update.  We have a new girl and random lady told her I was pregnant... with baby #2... and then soon to be retired lady came by my desk, and said, "Good for you.  We have another young person.  Though I guess you're older now."



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the old hag is retiring soon! Bwhahahahah!

A.B. said...

Introduce yourself anonymous? John or denise?

CDS said...

Holy hell balls...I'm so sorry!!! That sucks donkey balls (trademarked). xoxo

Nikki Noto said...

haters gonna hate

clara said...

Neither. Hi,I'm Clara.
It was just easier to post under "anonymous" than to have to log in.
Love your blog. You're Hilarious.

A.B. said...

clara, you need to get in on the blogging. Nothing since 2009? Tisk tisk!