Thursday, October 25, 2012


My friend Vickie, my super sweet friend who treated me to a bday sushi dinner on Tuesday, my friend who we could gab for HOURS about everything and nothing, my friend who we go to dinner at 5 because we are old ladies and want to get home at a reasonable hour, over at Whine and Babies and I were discussing today how we need to take on more hobbies.

So I read.  I run some.  I... online shop putting things in my basket and then don't purchase them.  I do laundry. 

Seriously, what are your hobbies?  I need to take something up.  Help me help me help me.


Shaina said...

Sub pinning things on Pinterest for running and we are one in the same. Don't worry very rarely do the pins actually get any further then my computer screen!

Vickie said...

Does eating sushi count as a hobby? :)

A.B. said...

Shaina, I forget about pinterest. It comes in spurts.

Vickie, we are going to have to get serious about sushi-ing if it is going to be a hobbie.

NickandKatieAdams said...

Seriously good question. I have a bike. And a helmet. I've ridden it a few times. I'm going to try skiing again this year if my ski pants from high school still fit. How about organizing?