Friday, October 12, 2012

Like any other day

except that G started off and on waking up around 4 am. 

Then slept until 7:20.  This will never happen on a weekend.

The light turned green y'all.  Only he was crying.  Because he "has the stuffies." 

Then my dog pretended he was a drunk college boy and used our living room floor as his dorm room elevator.  Which made me drop the f bomb.  While holding my child.  Because I'm mom of the year.  At least I'm the best at something!

Shower, dress, leave house with child in 30 mins.  Gold medal award for me.  Have time for starbucks hells yes.  It's Friday!  Make a soiree into a turkey bacon, cheddar and egg white sandwich instead of the pumpkin scone.  Another bonus. 

Coffee immediately drips all over my white tshirt in nice lactation patterns.

Things are looking up.  I can feel it.  I wish they were looking up at a nice big ol' glass of wine.  Why yes it is 10 am.  I went there.  It's part of my schtick as MOTY.

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Oh baby girl...