Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boys clothing.

I like shopping.  It's inherent to who I am.  I born this way.  Christina was actually singing about my fulfillment in finding a deal/purchasing new items. 

However, when it comes to boy clothing I find it to be a great pain in the ass to find clothes that aren't ridiculous or ridiculously priced.  For instance, I just received an email from babyGAP with adorable little girl holiday wear and the featured boy item to go with it?  A storm trooper sweater and matching storm trooper hat. 

What.  The.  Hell?  Now as referenced a few days ago, G's chance for being a completely geeked out nerd are genetically very high so while I have control over his clothes I plan on not enforcing the Star Wars theme. 

Also available is an outfit I may have worn in 7th grade that invovles a flannel shirt unbuttoned.  I think I had mine in a dress form.  From contempo.  With mary janes and tights.  Tights were not featured for this boy section.

I also founda  super cute shirt at Target (mecca) the other day but it then had a patch on it that read "Winter Break."  Ummm... as if we have winter break?  Way to rub that in Target.  I'm pissed at you now.  Ok.  It's over.  Lets make up. 

Commence irrational anger.  I need to buy myself something.  And probably some socks for G... as his are all from when he was 6 months old.  Parenting win?

Boy moms unite.  Or something with my fist in the air.


Anonymous said...

Carter's is my go to for baby/toddler clothing, right now. There is one in the Arbor Walk and an outlet in Round Rock.

Courtneytcu98 said...

Sweet sister, that was Lady Gaga, not Christina. As for the rest, yeah, I totally get it.

CDS said...

I'm sorry...but if it makes you feel better, I often buy C little boys clothes... they're cute! Pretty colors! :)