Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Day light savings time. I know it was intended to help out on the farm and what nots. I do not have a farm. I only have one small 2 year old who refuses to see the reality of sleeping an extra hour. In my suffrage of Friday nights happy terror child (woke up crying, put him in bed with me, he continued to talk and play…… until 5:30 am) I had HOPE. Hope for the future. For Sunday and sleeping late. And that the DLST would be a non-issue.

No. No, instead he still wakes up at 7, which is now 5:58, and is up. I cannot convince him it’s still night time. I tried. This morning, before 7 am I had done dishes, listened to a screaming child who wanted apple sauce, and baked banana muffins. I do not prefer to be so productive.

Also, I couldn’t figure out where my blog posts went yesterday. Today I found them hiding in my other blog. What the what? How did that happen?

Now you don’t even KNOW that I’m embarking on a sober vacation journey with my in laws tomorrow.

Someday I will get this shiz figured out. In the mean time… who wants to meet at 5:58 tomorrow morning?

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Shaina said...

other blog? are you holding out on me?

DLST can suck it!

A.B. said...

I AM holding out on you! It's a blog that my friend and I were writing about stupid shiz people say/do... those things that make your eyes roll. Then we forgot about it.