Friday, November 30, 2012

Neck Punchy

So last night I was perusing and ran across this article about muffins of the season. Rawr. Sounds scandalous, no? It wasn’t. I made Oatmeal Apple (blueberry) Muffins. And I’m on a muffin making kick currently. This baby has made me a domestic muffin making goddess… or something like that. Anyway, they turned out awesomely. I have a couple of more to try from there. Super easy. G$ loved them and I had flax seed in them. Though this am I woke up to him on the monitor saying, “MOMMY. I HAVE POOPY!!! POOPY MOMMY. I have poopy.” So maybe X the flax out of your recipe. I also added some blueberries (frozen) and I think everything else is pretty typical to have on hand which is also part of my money saving/using all groceries/homemade/pretend hippy/saving money so I can continue my starbucks Friday morning high routine. I did “make buttermilk” which I do not usually have on hand. Because ew.
And, then, while I was on that website I started looking around and found this article. That made me want to punch this lady in the neck. Repeatedly.

So if you wrote it… continue to not make comments on my blog. I don’t think we have a future friendship anyway.


Brooke said...

Just read that babble article. Dude. she was joking. Being sarcastic.

I love her.

A.B. said...

Whatever. Bitch. Kidding.

I only read the highlighted portion like in high school.