Saturday, November 17, 2012


Along with all of Michigan, and other frozen tundras, we set out for Florida.  It was cold as hell.  Oxymoron?  It was a nice get away (with ben's parents.)  Sadly, I didn't get any shots of G in his baby thong swimsuit.  It just didn't get that warm.  And his tanning in the bed was a waste.  Like mine in high school.  No action.

He was great (except for the flight home.)  And he loved the beach (that wasn't close to the water.)  He ate 3 lbs of hummus and carrots (which he won't eat at home.)  He fed a giraffe.  He got novelty coffee cups from Ron Jons (just kidding, that was us.)  Now... 800 pictures (but fewer than fb.)

Walking down to the beach.

First feet in the sand.

seashells.  the highlight of the trip.

mandatory jump shot.

lovin' my baby.  He needed to jump, too.

our backyard.

shitting himself at dinner.  And I didn't have a diaper.  Check please?

a little night time view.

morning walk.


looks sweet.  he's heavy.

I like a hammock.

Pointed toes.  Those 12 years of gymnastics paid off.

5.5 months.

my one nap time lounge.

is that a birthing position?

sweet sweet turkey sleep.

mama and g

feeding the giraffe!  (mil hovering)

he picked these glasses out.

my boys.

I forgot to tell the random on the beach to make me look thin.

trying to coerce g into the water.

I like it!

I jump.

carry me, mama.

amazeballs dinner with free babysitting.  And I had wine.  OUT.

pre-screaming on the airplane.


CDS said...

I love them! What kind of camera are you all using??

Heidi Bruch said...

Cutie cutie fam of 3.5. What a fun trip. Longing for sunshine up here!

A.B. said...

Ceci, we have the canon rebel t1i (I think.) love it. I had the film model in college so I can still use all of my lenses.

Thanks Heidi! Some of us are growing by leaps and bounds (and ice cream.) isn't it sad that I'm over the sunshine down here? 80 just doesn't say thanksgiving