Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's what I heard this morning at 5 am.

Mama.  Mama.  Mama, I cold.

Nothing can stir me awake faster than a call for "mama."  Like, awake awake.  It's such a blessing (and tiring) to be "mama."

I went and covered him back up and held his hand, but he wouldn't let me go.  So up he went and this big ol' preggie carried him downstairs to get in bed with us.  He carried one lambie and told me to get the rest of his "a lot of lambies."  It's always the wrong and right decision.  I never get him far enough into our bed.  So I morph my body to his and attempt to not fall off the side.  He tosses and turns.  And snuggles his head up under mine.  It's the most uncomfortable sleep--ever.  I lay there in fear of moving for he will be AWAKE at 5 am.  And by "sleep" I mean... I'm fully awake.  My mind racing with all the things I need to do, and wondering how many  more times I have to snuggle like this.

He asked if we could have a snack on the way down the stairs.  Which made me laugh.

Then began the "snuggling."

Mama.  It's the best.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Left behind.

I hope that it isn't the end of the world.  I still need to meet this baby.  Then again, maybe I'll get "left behind" and meet him anyway.  In that case I hope that there are some anesthesiologists and nurses left behind too, and that they still give epidurals and deliver babies.

I also hope that I'm one of the first people to Target so that I can get the good stuff.  Which means, I need to be strategic on which Target I go to... I mean, there is a lot to think about when loitering.

Or... do I go somewhere like jcrew?  Or a running store.  I mean, I have a lot of stops to make.  I want a lot of things.  I also hate traffic. 

So maybe everything will be free on amazon instead.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yesterdeee. That's how we say it down hur.

So I was all amped to write the super complainy version of my morning.  READY.  Primed.  It included an elderly dog who needed me… and food… and water in the middle of the night.  A husband who got up at 5:30 to go to the bathroom and didn’t close the door so I light shining on my face.  And a growing baby who is startled by ALL of these events and is a bladder puncher.  Tied with my stupid brain that once it wakes up thinks of EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.  Because that's what Christmas is about.

Then I just got up and showered and got to work. Granted, I do find something peaceful about being the only person awake in my house… so there’s that.  

We have a cookie party tonight (what, everybody get loud get stupid).  I made a couple of batches of cookies.  I vacuumed the floor.  Steam moped.  Dusted.  Showered and got dressed.  I was tired by 8 am.  So starbucks treat for me and my 85 million other friends in the drive thru.

Then I get to work and read my email… and GUESS WHAT???? I won something! I forgot, but a blog I read a few weeks ago had a giveaway for a Kindle Fire and I WON.  I almost deleted the email because I didn’t know the person.  That would have been sad.   Because I WON something.   Now, if only santa surprised me with a clean house… I’d totally believe he were real.

This was yesterdee.  I didn't make it to cookiepalooza.  Cookies 24/7 up in this bitch.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wish list.

Starstruck Tieks.  I waannnnnnnnnnnnnnt them.  Size 8.  Get on my feet.  Now.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Suri's burn book.

DYING at this one.

Help a sister out.

I need someone committed.  I need someone with an h & m.  I need someone with a paypal account and the ability to ship me a package.

There is a peter pan type collar they have (silver and black sequins) that I've been lusting after.  However, our h&m just opened so when we went there were 85 thousand people and a 2 year old who was in no mood to stand in line.  So I left it there.

The one on the left... but in silver and black.

Then, when I went last night.  They were gone. 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seriously Babycenter? She bangs.

Cauliflower.  That is the size of my baby.  A 2 lb cauliflower?  Doubtful.

And at 27 weeks their advice for me is to start thinking about family planning.  What we're going to do in a few months when this baby is born I need to know about contraceptives.

Have these people ever had babies?

Monday, December 10, 2012

That. Just. Happened.

This email was sent to all employees this morning.

I whip my hair. 

Good Morning,

I received a really neat white elephant gift on Friday that would be great to use on a day like today. It’s a ceramic snowman with packets of Swiss Miss cocoa mix inside. When I got home with it on Friday I noticed two hairline cracks inside the snowman. If you were the person who donated that item, could you tell me which store you bought it in so that I can see if they’ll exchange it for me, please? I’d appreciate it – thanks!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do you ever think...

If I weren't pregnant, these amazing orange pants would totally fit.

Then you think of the amazing ways you could wear them.

Happened to me today.

I heart a preggo belly.  I also heart clothes.  A lot.

I also had a 2 year old wake up from his nap and say, "MOMMY!!!  I missed you!  You're back!"

And then I forgot about the pants.  For a minute.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

No room at the inn.

This is the story of a baby.

An 85 lb baby.

Who takes up a lot of space.

Hopkins Meyer Black. If we want to get specific. And I know you do. We’ll call him Meyer. Because we strive to be southern after a short lived (5 year) stint in the south. My southern friends tell me Texas isn’t southern, it’s just Texas. I’ll have to say I agree. There are differences.

Meyer was one of the top names when G was born. And Graham. Which I still love. Along with a few other discards. Like Elizabeth Jane.

With both boys I knew their names asap. With Meyer, I love it, but I think its “ring” comes as a middle name.

Maybe because of Oscar.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Griffin. 865 days old.

So you know... he's 2.  2 years old.  That's what I say when people ask.  Not 2 years and 4 months.  Or 27 months.  Or almost 2.5.  I just say 2.  Anyway, stepping down now...

Who says jazz hands aren't masculine?

Here are some things that Griffin is into saying and doing

Ben and Griffin were playing outside last night while I came inside to remove my bra and lay on the couch a minute in silence and when it was time to come in G, per daily schedule, threw a massive screaming fit.  Came in, saw me, and said calmly, "I just crying a wittle, Mommy."  The "I just..." is funny to me.  I go into his room in the AM's (after the light turns green obvi) and say, "GOOD MORNING!"  I usually get a laugh or something.  This morning it was, "Good morning.  Mommy, I just sitting a little."  Last night he fell down on our walk--ensue drama.  He NEEDED a bandaid but then couldn't walk with it on and told me, "I walk weelwy swowy, mommy" and walked like an old man.

He's big into calling me "mom" when he's ready to get up.  Mom.  Mom.  Mommy.  MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM.

He's ready for potty training.  We still have lots of travels before Christmas so we're waiting.  Parents of the year, say HELL YES.  Anyawy, he also will poop himself and out of the blue say, "I not poopy.  I just tootie a little."  Liar.

watching dinosaur train.
He likes to point out peoples different color of eyes.  Mommy has brown eyes.  Daddy has green eyes.  Eyyiott has blue eyes wike Gwiffin.  Thankfully, he also told me that my teeth are white.  If he told me I had butters I would have been sent into a tailspin of crazy. 

He's discovered nipples.  We'll leave it at that.

He's a pretty good sharer. 

He catches on to logic and uses it against me.

He only wants daddy to swing him. 

He only wants mommy to put him to bed.  Asks me to hold his hand while he lays there. 

He knows which lambie he thinks smells the best.  OG lambie.

He LOVES other kids.  Loves suckers. 

Less admirable are the massive fits.  Some that have included hitting at me or Ben.  But the big fits where he screams that he NEEEEEEEDS BOOTY PIRATES (pirates booty) are the best. 

He says a lot of things correctly now.  It makes me sad. 

I guess he is 865 days old, though.

boring Santa picture.  I kind of hoped for screaming.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Advice needed

Nerd advice.  I need a good book.  Like, can't put it down book.

I'm in a rut.  Help.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brown bear Brown bear

I rarely catch anything on video.  As soon as I start it is innate in G to stop doing whatever he's doing and stare at me.

I randomly caught this at the very end.  Precious.  Clearly dehydrating.