Friday, March 8, 2013

It's baby time.

and as of 3 minutes ago... I'm freaking out.

Like... today is my last day of work and I'm due in 9 days.  I had Griffin 7 days early.  Holy eff balls.

I also have about 5 unfinished blog posts that I'm too lazy to attach pictures to, for all of you who read this (courtney), we've already discussed and I texted you photos.  So I'm basically cought up.

I also tried to go back and see if there were any "tipping" points where I KNEW G was coming, but didn't know it... you know, to prepare myself?  Apparently no.  It was a complete shocker.

We finally have this (sometimes) figured out.  How do we go backwards?  I still remember that giving birth hurt like a mofo.  I still love G more than anything in the world.  How do I up that?  is he going to revert to being a baby when this kid comes?  Will I stop calling him "this kid" and start calling him Meyer?

It just doesn't seem real.  This pregnancy has flown by.  I am sad that with #2 you don't sit around and treasure it as much as with #1 (if you are a sub par mom like me, that is.) 

So, I'm either going to be posting like mad next week.  or not.  Because I have a baby.  Or because I'm chasing a 2.5 year old who is on spring break.  Or because I'm getting a pedicure.  And a massage.  And an epidural. 


Shaina said...

you won't be calling him "this kid" you will be calling him Griffin...poor Cam still get s Called E, Emmett, Boy... if she would start sleeping better maybe my brian would function better. its all her fault.

if you are sub par, then what the hell am I? aahh!

A.B. said...

shaina, I feel some middle of the night/early morning texting in our future!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you in these final days of pregnancy and for a safe delivery! We can't wait to hear the good news and see pictures soon! Denise M.

Shaina said...

OMG, I just noticed how I spelled "brain" in my last post. That pretty much sums it up. Bring on the text-a thons!

Jill said...

Believe it or not, it's even better with 2. Wait till you see Griffin with the baby. Griffin is suddenly going to seem huge to you.

I definitely relished in the newborn-ness of Laura way more than I did with Alexandra because I knew how fast it went by. You will too.

Can't wait to hear the good news!!

Sarah K said...

SO excited for you. I worked myself up so much about having two, that when it actually came, it was a piece of cake. Promise. You find a new normal. A normal filled with sleepless nights, profuse sweating (at least for me), and twice the love. It's the absolute best.