Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kite Festival

It was the perfect day for a kite festival.  It was windy.  Warm.  Crowded.  My child woke up after sneezing a million times at 4 am and yelling, "mama!  I a little snotty!"  

We went.  We conquered.  We didn't nap.  We walked a million miles.  We ate corny dogs.  We (just I) forgot that pregnancy skin is sensitive sunburnable skin.  


Here are a million photos.  Which is no where near the number I actually have.  You are welcomed.  I downsized.

38 weeks

family photo

handsome boy

blue steel

hammin' for the camera

big kid slide



Ben's got moves

5th grade hula hoop champion (defeated)

"wook at me, mama!!"

Decided to run around with an orange peel.  His "collection."

Finally trapped him for a pic with me... before we waddled the 8 miles back to the car.

All in all.  A really great day!


Heidi Bruch said...

I just can't get over the fact that you live in a place that has blue skies and begs for short sleeves at the beginning of March. Soooooooo jealous. Cutest little family of 3.99999999:)

A.B. said...

Our spring weather is tempremental. For sure. Yesterday was mid 70's today is supposed to be UPPER 80's. You never know if it could get cold again. Definitely time for short sleeves, though.

Come visit. Kick your boots off and put on some flip flops. ORRRRRRRRRRRR go to Hawaii :)