Thursday, March 7, 2013

on polite conversation

I work with really nice people.  Really nice, socially awkward, old people to be more exact. 

Things I don't understand...

why, just because you pass someone in the hall you need to say, "Hey, so and so!"  Or "What's up, Lady!!!!" because probably, you just saw them.  And your answer doesn't need to be, "Well, you are going downstairs and I'm going upstairs."  Because that is a dumb response. 

Also, please don't tell pregnant people that they are "about to pop."  Sounds very zitty.  Gross.

Also, don't ask "Have we decided what we're naming him?"  Well, my husband and I did.  Sorry, we didn't contact you on the conversation.

Yes.  Meyer.  Like the weiner. 

Stop awkwardly laughing after

Yes, I am busy.  Tomorrow is my last day.  I have an event I'm in charge of on Saturday, and as of last night, one to plan by tomorrow for May. 

Someone get me some queso.

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