Sunday, April 28, 2013


Griffin will be 3 in 3 months.  He has been counting down for his bday since... his last bday.  It's part of my traits that he's inherited.  

Today he asked why it was so hot.  I told him because it's almost summer... and your birthday.  To which he told me, "mama!  It's starting.  My birthday is starting now.  HURRY."  

I asked him what kind of birthday he wanted.  Clearly, he does not get this concept as he told me a banana and yogurt birthday.  Umm... ok.  

He also told us what he wants--a concept he COMPLETELY gets.  He wants a bike.  I suggested that we might get him a big boy swing.  He agreed.  Then said, "And maybe a scooter, too."  Oh, and tonight he told me he wants "a little toy house."  Thanks Goodnight Moon.  You and your ridiculous book that is committed to my memory have now made me need to find a little toy house.  

Now onto the yogurt and banana party.  

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Jill said...

The yogurt and banana kind of sounds like it could be a (yummy) bowl full of mush. All you need is someone whispering hush at the party due to a baby sleeping and you could have yourself a Goodnight Moon party :)