Friday, April 19, 2013


So I'm BEHIND on all kinds of things--especially blogging.  What the what?  I'm also behind on weight loss.  I'm guessing I won't catch up on either.  Whatevs.  I bought some pants WITH BUTTONS today.  Fo sho.  Bring it.  Gap curvy fit.  Saving me until I can wear my "real pants."  If Stacie and Clinton have taught me anything, it's that I need to spend money now.

But, reverting back 5 weeks and 1 day--I had a one day old.  Can you imagine?  You look at your baby and your heart explodes and you think, "I NEED THE WORLD TO MEET THIS BABY!!!"  Then you also might think, give me a pain pill.  Or, best of both worlds... a little bit of both.

One thing that makes Meyer's presence different than G's is that he got to be held, lifted up, and embraced by an amazing group of women.  There I was, sitting in my hospital room, resting, all alone when there was a knock at my door and a group of about 12 ladies enters.  Not just ANY 12 ladies.  MY ladies.  My grad school ladies.  I had to miss our girls trip this year.  We meet every year all over the country where one of us lives.  This year just happened to be not too far from Austin.  Together we drink wine, reminisce, give thanks, drink more wine, cook, cherish one another.  They crawl up in your hospital bed with you and hold your baby like he is their own.  For that, my friends... I am thankful.  I will never forget.

This year... I got to pass my baby around to each and every one of them.  I just looked around the room and thought, who is this lucky?

Me.  And Meyer.


Heidi Bruch said...

Amazing. So so special. Girlfriends are keepers. xoxo

Abby said...

Love you!

Cate said...

1. Clearly, this made me cry. Pick any reason.

2. Next year, lady, you and I will be there, too!

3. Lets live in the same town and raise our four boys together :) Doesn't Ben want to look in Silicon Valley for a job? Its much closer to Sonoma than Austin is...