Monday, April 22, 2013


I've got a touch of it.

Things like... my older child has been napping for 2 hours ish.  UNHEARD OF and was grouchy yesterday... therefore is probably dying.  So i keep checking the monitor.

The H-Mey (thanks Court) refuses to sleep except ON ME today.  Like immediately wakes up the nano second I put him down.  I can use the term nano whenever I want as I'm married to an engineer.  I know it means small... so yah, nano.  I also had an ipod nano which was small.  I'm very scientific.  Clearly, has the dying syndrome.  Also, he projectile vomited on me yesterday (after I gagged him with a paci.)  Further evidence.

Today I felt like I'm going back to work TOMORROW (instead of June 3) but June 3 feels like tomorrow.  Surely I'll give M some tummy time before that?

Tomorrow is my 6 week appointment.  Yikes.  do they weigh you at those?  I'm not for it.  I also just googled work out shorts for big legs.

Crazy.  crazy.  Just a bit of crazy.

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