Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Super dad.

Now Ben is an awesome dad and great husband.  It took him a while to get to the awesome stage with G$.  Apparently, all it took for him to turn from great dad to awesomeballs dad was to have 2 babies.  He has started doing everything.  He is the reason our house continues to function and not have an over cluttered kitchen sink.  He has taken on G like a champ which is awesome to see (and breaks my heart because I really like being the one who does everything... hello, control freak.)  He is also running and having fewer beers and going to bed and helping me in the night when I need it.

And I need it.  All of it.  All of the help.

Thanks Bb.  For the childcare.  the cleaning.  The baby holding.  the diaper changing.  The cocktail making.  And for watching What not to wear.