Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's happening... again.

Weight watchers.  I just signed up.  My first meeting is on Tuesday.

fatty needs to unpack the lbs.

She also needs to fit into clothes.

And not buy a new wardrobe.

Doesn't this happen like every year?

Creature of habit.


jill said...

i need to sign up too. and i don't have the 'i just had a baby excuse,' im just fat.

CDS said...

I desperately need to see how much LBS I can drop in a month.

Sarah K said...

I love the Weight Watchers concept. I never officially joined, but borrowed all of my mom's old cookbooks and adhered to the points system after the birth of each boy. Found it to not only work, but was pretty easy to follow. Now they've gone and changed it all, so I may be emailing you for secret tips come August...or let's be honest....October. Go get 'em Momma!

A.B. said...

Ces, you look FABS. I see your wardrobe on the daily. I could probably lose more if I gave up cocktails.

Sarah, I did it a long time ago and don't know the new system. I'll let you know! Mostly, I need my own public shame of going to weigh somewhere in public.

A.B. said...

Jill, I think you still have multiple babies. Excuse works for me!

Carol said...

totally happens every year! my husband made some snide comment about me "needing to buy clothes, AGAIN?" and I reminded him that yup, I stretched out and in and out and in with those two babies in two years and two years past that last baby I'm finally buying my favorite smaller than ever clothes. From a 14 to pregnant, to a 16 to 14 to 12 then pregnant again and then 14, 12, and now a 10. Inches and inches. My stomach skin is soooo sexy now. : ( But that can be disguised!