Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's happening... again.

Weight watchers.  I just signed up.  My first meeting is on Tuesday.

fatty needs to unpack the lbs.

She also needs to fit into clothes.

And not buy a new wardrobe.

Doesn't this happen like every year?

Creature of habit.


Griffin will be 3 in 3 months.  He has been counting down for his bday since... his last bday.  It's part of my traits that he's inherited.  

Today he asked why it was so hot.  I told him because it's almost summer... and your birthday.  To which he told me, "mama!  It's starting.  My birthday is starting now.  HURRY."  

I asked him what kind of birthday he wanted.  Clearly, he does not get this concept as he told me a banana and yogurt birthday.  Umm... ok.  

He also told us what he wants--a concept he COMPLETELY gets.  He wants a bike.  I suggested that we might get him a big boy swing.  He agreed.  Then said, "And maybe a scooter, too."  Oh, and tonight he told me he wants "a little toy house."  Thanks Goodnight Moon.  You and your ridiculous book that is committed to my memory have now made me need to find a little toy house.  

Now onto the yogurt and banana party.  

Monday, April 22, 2013


I've got a touch of it.

Things like... my older child has been napping for 2 hours ish.  UNHEARD OF and was grouchy yesterday... therefore is probably dying.  So i keep checking the monitor.

The H-Mey (thanks Court) refuses to sleep except ON ME today.  Like immediately wakes up the nano second I put him down.  I can use the term nano whenever I want as I'm married to an engineer.  I know it means small... so yah, nano.  I also had an ipod nano which was small.  I'm very scientific.  Clearly, has the dying syndrome.  Also, he projectile vomited on me yesterday (after I gagged him with a paci.)  Further evidence.

Today I felt like I'm going back to work TOMORROW (instead of June 3) but June 3 feels like tomorrow.  Surely I'll give M some tummy time before that?

Tomorrow is my 6 week appointment.  Yikes.  do they weigh you at those?  I'm not for it.  I also just googled work out shorts for big legs.

Crazy.  crazy.  Just a bit of crazy.

Friday, April 19, 2013


So I'm BEHIND on all kinds of things--especially blogging.  What the what?  I'm also behind on weight loss.  I'm guessing I won't catch up on either.  Whatevs.  I bought some pants WITH BUTTONS today.  Fo sho.  Bring it.  Gap curvy fit.  Saving me until I can wear my "real pants."  If Stacie and Clinton have taught me anything, it's that I need to spend money now.

But, reverting back 5 weeks and 1 day--I had a one day old.  Can you imagine?  You look at your baby and your heart explodes and you think, "I NEED THE WORLD TO MEET THIS BABY!!!"  Then you also might think, give me a pain pill.  Or, best of both worlds... a little bit of both.

One thing that makes Meyer's presence different than G's is that he got to be held, lifted up, and embraced by an amazing group of women.  There I was, sitting in my hospital room, resting, all alone when there was a knock at my door and a group of about 12 ladies enters.  Not just ANY 12 ladies.  MY ladies.  My grad school ladies.  I had to miss our girls trip this year.  We meet every year all over the country where one of us lives.  This year just happened to be not too far from Austin.  Together we drink wine, reminisce, give thanks, drink more wine, cook, cherish one another.  They crawl up in your hospital bed with you and hold your baby like he is their own.  For that, my friends... I am thankful.  I will never forget.

This year... I got to pass my baby around to each and every one of them.  I just looked around the room and thought, who is this lucky?

Me.  And Meyer.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One month.

Where does the time go?  How are you already one month old?  I seriously have no idea.

I'm pretty sure you have grown like 300% since you were born.  I can't believe that a month has passed.  I can't believe I'm just now sitting down to write about it.  You are a sweet sweet baby.  You are one GASSY baby.  You wake up most mornings at 5 or 6 and toot for a good while.  It's kind of hilarious.  would probably be more hilarious if it were a little later in the day?  I let it slide, though.

You are cute.  You smiled at me for the first time at 3 weeks.  You've started smiling more regularly at 4 weeks.  it's very cute.  I forget how much little ones sleep.  You love to be held.  You love to snuggle.  You have specific ways you like to be held and you can get them to happen.  You have gotten MUCH You will nurse a million times a day--but especially as you are gearing up for bed.  Then you sleep for about 3-5 hours.  More like 3.  Sometimes 2.  then you are up every 1-3 hours after that.  The every hour thing is getting totally old though, so lets move on.  It will be a miracle if you learn to roll over or walk because I have you strapped to me all of the time.  blame having a big brother who is on the go.

Your lips are perfection.  I think your forehead looks like Papa B's.  I think your lips are mine.  I think your eyes are going to be amazingly blue.  Your ears look just like your dad's.  Your super long fingers are mine. We'll see what happens.  

I call you tiny.  And chunks.  And LP (for little Pooks.  Pookie Poo being the big G$.)  I love listening to Griffin talk to you.  Then ask to hold you for a minute and then tell me it's my turn.  He doesn't like for you to be upset.  He can't WAIT to be able to take baths together and feed you popcorn.

You have made us a family of 4.  We love you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a little photo shoot



What stores sell things for post baby body, easily accessible to the boobs, but make you feel somewhat attractive clothes?

Fo realz.

Friday, April 5, 2013

This old man.

Y'all.  This old man... I always imagined he was a creepy old guy in a wheel chair.  What else is that song about?  And why the hell is it so long?  And why is he playing on my thumb and my shoes?


Reasons I know that I have too much alone time on my hands.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Super dad.

Now Ben is an awesome dad and great husband.  It took him a while to get to the awesome stage with G$.  Apparently, all it took for him to turn from great dad to awesomeballs dad was to have 2 babies.  He has started doing everything.  He is the reason our house continues to function and not have an over cluttered kitchen sink.  He has taken on G like a champ which is awesome to see (and breaks my heart because I really like being the one who does everything... hello, control freak.)  He is also running and having fewer beers and going to bed and helping me in the night when I need it.

And I need it.  All of it.  All of the help.

Thanks Bb.  For the childcare.  the cleaning.  The baby holding.  the diaper changing.  The cocktail making.  And for watching What not to wear.