Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We went with a friend for their birthday to Chucky Cheese's.  This is a holy grail of childrens mecca that has not entered our lives.  It is a den of small people, adults, pizza and germs.  AND JESUS.  Ben came home and Griffin told him about how we saw Jesus there.  And he rode in a car with him.  And he was walking around.  Mama didn't see him, but I did.

I'm all.... what the what?  Then I realize... Chucky Jesus.  It only makes sense.

G is also really into sushi.  He gets his rolls with soy paper.  It's easier to eat.  He calls it "soylet paper."  Amaze.

He still calls pirates booty, booty pirates.  Told me that this kid at school calls it what daddy does and it's soooooooooooooo silly.

"I willnt"  (I won't.)

early and late are confusing.

"Lambie with a big nose."  I needed a lambie for him at his school as a baby.  they didn't have one the day I went to get it.  However, they DID have a blue elephant that was quite adorable.  Hence, lambie with a big nose.  Who someone asked what animal it looked like... and he said elephant.  Whatevs.  never change.  I never want him to change.

He is mostly comedic genius of things I can't currently remember.

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Sarah K said...

We just met Chucky Jesus for the first time too! Cah-razy! Parents nightmare…kids dream!

And it makes me sad that Carter doesn't say, "Amn't" (am not) anymore. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. Amn't and Willn't make total sense to me!