Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hey remember when..

You were all, "hey fat ass, I thought you were blogging again?"  And I was like, "that's mean.  I'm just lazy.  Not fat."  And you were like, "dude, stop being so sensitive."  And I was like, "whatever."  And you were like "um, write more nonsense about your life."  And I was all, "I will.  Try."

None of this happened.  Unless you said this behind my back and then "IT IS ON."  In a non violent and definitely NOT confrontational kind of way.

Today I took my kids to the park because the weather is amazing.  It's the nice weather when it isn't rainy and humid and not 5 million degrees.  Also, Meyer is in the zone of being a miserable baby right now.  What is up with that?  So outdoors it is.

SO we get to the park to see that there is clearly a play group going on.  Cool.  Way to make mommy friends, ladies.  Let us play in harmony next to you.  And then I begin to overhear their very dramatic very intense food discussions.  What snacks they give.  What eggs they buy.  Where they buy them.  How they buy them.  Are they delivered?  ETCETCETC.

I have "the leader" come approach me and ask if I am part of their natural mom's group because she didn't know everyone on the list.  Nope, just a mom.  Then, of course, I have Meyer strapped to me because hello... second baby and the next question is, "OH, so are you a part of the baby wearing moms group?"  Ummm...  no?  I should have then confessed that though I occasionally buy my eggs at the farmers market, when we make it there, that I do more often these days, buy them at the store.  Because that's what I have time for.  And, I buy gummy snacks.  And give them processed gluten and I don't make them go paleo.  I basically raise them for demise.

Anyway, that's that.  I just wanted to take them to the park.  AND, should you attempt to pick me up at the park... talk more about your wine consumption.

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