Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashion emergency.

I have a wedding coming up in which we were instructed to not wear heels.  This apparently makes me incapable of getting dressed for a wedding.  That, and my maternity dresses look ridiculous because they are too big, and my normal dresses look ridiculous because, well, lets be honest... they don't fit.  SO PANIC.

What do I do?  It's the last week of September in Tennessee.  It could be chilly at night (it's outside.)  It's with people I RARELY get to see (well, except on our yearly girls trip.)  Help.  I want to make the right choice.  I want to have something that will last through pregnancy.

Why yes, this is fully sequined.

It's also short... and I'm chasing a toddler.

I clearly didn't get the rouching right.  Hello thighs.

15 week belly

This one is actually for my 10 year homecoming for college.  Imagine with red scarf, red purse and adorable child and  husband.

Also imagine this is at 5 months instead of 4.
I love the sequined one.  I can't keep all of them.  A gay  man told me it was fabulous.  Practicality wise... I know what the right thing might be.  Le sigh.  Help me.


Heidi Bruch said...

I find it strange that the wedding invite is telling the guests how to dress? Say what? They are all cute, but I am classic and would go with the black dress with cute colored flats and lots of fancy accessories....bright/sparkly necklace, dangly earrings, etc. you look darling!

Shaina said...

I am with Heidi on all accounts! :) love that itty bitty belly!

A.B. said...

Thanks for being my conscience. Now to rationalize the other purchases. And clearly, a need for a new necklace. and maybe some shoes. I have a problem.

I do love a black dress. lots. It is a frequent love affair.

Shaina. You will have zero belly in approximately 3 days. How crazy is that?

CDS said...

OK my friend I am going to email you some options...although of the ones you posted I like the black one best. loVE!

Sarah K said...

The black is adorable! And I agree with the rest of the ladies. Just needs a little pizazz with fun shoes and a necklace! Are they asking you not wear heals b/c it's outdoors on grass or something? Super weird. In that case, just wear some wedges. ;)

Shaina said...

Correction, the cute baby belly will be gone and the new mom saggy pouch will have taken its place :( Eh, at least I will have a little babe to snuggle with for 6 wks before I can exercise again.

Nikki said...

I love the black as well - and super versatile! The sequins are cute, but I think it needs heels. Also - do you think you'll wear it a lot? I think if one has to be returned, that should be it (SADLY, I want all of them for you) just for practicality sake.

But if you have a lot of glittery cocktail parties coming up? Or just want to wear it around the house? Or if laundry chair takes over and you have to wear sequins to the office?