Sunday, September 16, 2012

hell has frozen over.

I know this because we went to church (in Austin) and because it's raining in Austin.  Yes, I work for a church organization.  Yes, I actually worked AT a church...twice.  However, alllll of our family is elsewhere.  And, to be honest, we enjoy lazy Sundays.  The thing is, we both miss having a church fam, and we get up early anyway.  Today we again embarked on the adventure of finding "our" church.  And, it's rained a metric arse ton so clearly, hell (if you're into that kind of thing) has frozen over.  I don't have an umbrella because it hasn't rained in like 2 years.

Technically I probably have a couple somewhere... in the garage.  Which means I don't have one.  I was judged by one old lady.  I should have told her I was much more concerned about my boots than my child getting a little wet.  I didn't think that would go over very well, though so I just said I didn't have one.

awful picture at 14.5 weeks.

Also, it turns out that getting your child to say poopy... way easier than saying cheese.  Turns out... you shouldn't teach them that.  Also, it turns out that 14.5 week pictures are hideous.  Just sayin.

It also turns out that I have entered the gateway drug of ice cream as I bought 3 kinds at the grocery store.  Plus heath bar klondike bars.  And we had queso for dinner.  Yah, I just said that.  For DINNER.  It had meat and black beans and was only 2% cheese.  I say success.

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