Friday, September 21, 2012

The life of a domestic goddess.

I'm not entirely sure what that's like, but I decided to try it on.  Meh?  seems like a lot of clean up.  I've been sickers.  Ew.  The kind of sick when you are fully aware that you are being a bad parent because you let your child have juice and watch 800 years of tv and hope that they don't want to... go outside.  And when they tell you that they don't want their diaper changed you aren't up for the fight or the struggle so you just let it go.  Then your husband asks, "is your diaper full or do you have elephantiasis of the testicles?"  And you just kind of shrug your shoulders.  you also go to whole foods to get chicken noodle soup (that you only like when sick) and check out and there... at the checkout are "apple pie shooters."  Yes, please.  I'll take 3.

I stayed home yesterday.  Then I super cleaned our bathroom.  Then today... I made TWO pinterest recipes.  Two.  And cleaned up.  Wowsas.  We also only had diaper changes, and less tv, and the great outdoors until the west nile was settling in.

SO here are the recipes.

Strawberry muffins.  They were... meh?

Oatmeal, PB, and banana protein bar things.  They are dericious and SUPER easy.  

I also did laundry.  Someone buy this woman a present.

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