Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gender gender.

It's like that show Sister Sister... but like, not.  Ok.  At all.  That show just bubbled up in my memory though.  Because my mind tends to hold onto things like that instead of like... geography.  Or history, really.  Unless you are talking about pop culture history, or Britney Spears history.  Then, I'm basically a historical genius.

However, if you were talking about the gender of our tiny bean baby, I know what that is, too.  Like really really really early.

My doctors have a tendency towards being overly cautious.  With some cramping (and a cyst on one of my ovaries they had been watching) I went in and got an extra sono... ultra?  Bonus.

Skeletor photo?  check.  Though baby wouldn't cooperate for that.  Who would though?  hello, bad angle!

So all of that to say... we are about to embark on a trip that involves plane rides, car rentals, 3 hour drives, lots of laughs, 3 hour rides back, the aquarium, plane rides and I fear far too few naps.  Should be... interesting.

Then... I'll tell ya what's what.

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