Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I am mature. And so is my skin. Even though I’ve been using the coconut oil (love it, btw’s, but I don’t love the smell.) It doesn’t make me break out and it’s nice on my legs post shower. I still haven’t tried the hair thing. I have a big enough issue with greasy hair. I’m fearful. This weekend, though, I had a moment of panic. My skin looked dull, I had under eye circles. I went to sephora.

I went to sephora and explained my issues and the girl gave me options for my “maturing skin.” Her words. I ate it up. I didn’t look at prices. I saw glass bottles and droppers and heard “twice a day” and “it really does work.” And then got asked about my moisturizer and did I use a good one. I said “yes.”

What I should have said was, “sometimes I do, but I’m kind of in a grocery store phase and have been using the cetaphil cream on my entire body because I’m low maintenance right now. However, I’m looking to re-enter the high maintenance world with products that I can’t live without that cost more than my first born son. Do you have any of that?” And I forgot to mention my coconut oil which makes me seem totally organic. So anyway, I say “yes” and she just looks at me and says, “let me offer you something else. Our most economical moisturizer in the store.” Read… I’ve already had you put things that cost a million dollars in your basket by telling you that you look old and will soon have neck fat and aging lines and probably brown spots so I will hand you a jar that seems economical in comparison. I got a sample. I’m no fool.

I asked Ben yesterday if my skin looked radiant and like I didn’t need to wear make up. He said “of course. You always look radiant.” Which is false and clearly everyone needs some makeup. Especially mascara.

So I’ll be high maintenance for a while. Until I forget. At which point I’ll fancy myself practical.


Shaina said...

okay, now you need to share the deets on the fancy shmancy products. This mama's sagging, bagging, dull and sometimes oily and sometimes dry skin could use a major boost. I do not get the beautiful pregnancy glow that I have heard about, I just start looking old. boo.

A.B. said...

Claudalie vinoperfect duo andddddd dermadoctor wrinkle revenge rescue and protect eye balm.

Sarah K said...

I've done the coconut oil in my hair and it's sort of awesome. Obviously, you have to wash it out pretty well, but it was SUPER soft afterwards. Try it!