Saturday, September 22, 2012

Of mice and men.

Today was our community party at the park.  Live music, some vendors, beer (as we were leaving), a bounce house (over taken by middle school kids who I told to watch out for the little ones--I'm that lady), a petting zoo, and face painting.  Plus, lots of friends.

We headed over and I was determined to get G's first face painting done.  Y'all.  It went not well.

She had a friend there who held G's head down.  He was really still and she blamed the awfulness on him moving?  Then as he walked 3 feet from me kept telling me he was "getting away."  My ability to not be rude was being tested.  Especially as we paid our $10... for what i had imagined was going to be this AMAZING puppy dog face.  I was so.  SO wrong.  It cracked me up though.  We seriously could not stop laughing.

Next up.  The petting zoo.

Waiting for our first animal.

Oh dear.  Please don't Lenny the baby chicks.

Or the bunny.  He didn't know what to do with them so he just held them.

Hi, Giggy Pig.  My name's Griffin.  

Notice those puppy dog ears?  Yah... me either.

He is ridiculously cute.  Kind of ridiculous.


Sarah K said...

Oh dear. Looks like he buried his face in a chocolate cake.

A.B. said...

This was at least easy to clean up!