Tuesday, February 26, 2013


G is pretty funny and says some funny things.  A lot of it is repeating my phrasing…  oops.  Though we mentioned the new restaurant in our 'hood--The Pita House and he instantly said, "The penis house?  What's a penis house?  Mama, where the penis house?"  DYING.  I guess he needs a little more pita in his life.

This morning he was having a “picnic” on the floor of our bedroom while watching sesame street.  He had a little bagel with cream cheese and then Gizmo stole the last little bit of it which brought about BIG tears and saying, “TA-TA, what is WRONG with you!”  (ps.  I repeat tata because I love it.  Gizmo has 2 names.  G can actually say gizmo…. And does.  Don’t judge me.)

He’s 2.5.  We had his check up yesterday.  He’s 50% for height and weight.  He is not shy.  He told the Dr. that she has purple glasses.  He is really into pointing out the obvious.  He says “yeyyow” for yellow and I hope it never stops.  (Not really true… he should stop that at some point, but not now.)  He still says Booty Pirates instead of Pirates Booty.  He is into things being “his” and not mine.  He loves suckers.  Loves.  He will say, “mama, you want one?”  And then tell me he wants to share it with me… meaning, he wants 2 suckers.  He is in a big boy bed.  He is doing awesomely well with it.  In his crib he never wanted me to leave and to hold his hand forever.  Last night I asked to hold his hand and he said, “no mama, don’t pat me either.  You pwease weave now.”  Ummm ok.  Then he WENT TO BED.  He thinks saying things louder and in an angry voice will get him what he wants.  It doesn’t.  He can throw a fit.  He loves trains.  He really likes Daniel Tiger.  He is into saying “I just pretending.”  He gets him/her his/hers wrong 90% of the time.  He LOVES lambie.  Lambie for life.  He is an awesome bike rider.  He is into reading ME his books at night.  Which I think is absolutely precious.  I’m also impressed by his retention.  He is silly and talks in silly voices.  He is potty trained.  He can put his big boy unders back on… in a way that resembles a miniskirt (both legs in one whole.)  He is VERY into helping—especially dad—with tools.  He plays with 2% of his toys and I’ve started putting the others away.  He has the memory of an elephant.  He remembers everything.  He loves his birthday.  He likes for me to carry him.  He can point out a starbucks from a mile away… and target.  My kind of kid.  He gets proud of himself for doing things which is the cutest thing.  I love celebrating him.  He has the BEST laugh.  He makes up songs.  Another evidence he’s mine. 

I tell him every night that I love him to the moon and back.  I love him more than anyyyyyyyyyything in the world.  

And I do.