Friday, October 10, 2008

chickpeas, dungarees, serendipidies...

Randoms. I am all jittery and excited about my efficient morning. SO, I'm out of town this weekend--the looming HS reunion has finally arrived. Therefore, I'm missing my group work out, and lets be honest, it just wouldn't get home with all of these fun activities we have planned... (and partly due to my laziness.) So, I needed to get my long run in yesterday. I came home and attempted to do my 10 miles, but my leg super hurt so I stopped at 3.5. Lamesness. Instead of that I cleaned and did laundry and gave Giz a bath and cooked dinner and started packing. (I have a problem leaving the house to go out of town when things are a mess... this is in part due to the fact that when I come back from being out of town I'm not so great at unpacking so it just adds to the mess if there is one already there.) I went to bed, set my alarm for 5 AM and hoped it wouldn't go off. It did. So I got up and got moving and did my 10 miles before the sun came up which is really nice. I was able to fold 2 loads of laundry and dry one, clean the bathroom, finish cleaning, finish packing, shower and get dressed and eat breakfast all before work! I think my caffienated gu is kicking me in the pants and making my brain move about 90 to nothin'

Later today the hubs the dogs and I head to Ft. Worth (along with like 80,000 of our fave UT fans headed to dallas for Texas OU weekend.) This travel ought to be ridiculous and copper filled. (just laughed at myself, because it sounds like copper field. yes, I realize that isn't funny.) Hopefully we will make it out of town in time to not be in the biggest part of traffic, fingers crossed. Tonight I'm going to venture to the NW Texan football stadium. It's massive and huge and so not where I cheered. It should be interesting to see it and to be back in the high school football culture. Oh yes, it's a culture--a culture filled with frito pie, big lights, lots of boys in very clean nickers who don't actually get to play, kids running around under the stadium, the band playing duh dun dun dunnas, and of course, the EMT who sits on the corner of the field in the case that there is an accident. Maybe I'll join in the fightsong. If only I still had my pom pons...
Tomorrow, I beleive we'll head to Justin (yes, my high school is in Justin, TX... where justin boots are made) and go to the outlet. I'm pretty sure I need boots. Then to Joe T's. I drool now. I will consume 1.5 margaritas and have a fajita salad and then go to the most awkward event ever. I believe this. I mean, 10 years... that means that people come back hoping to impress, hoping to have made something of themselves, hoping to have either outgrown who they were or to hold onto who they were. It's a tension that I believe will be semi-alleviated with a few adult beverages. Somehow, I think at 20 years, we're just happy to have a night out, catch up with other old people, and go home. Much less tension--except, I'm sure we'll "recall" the time 10 years prior when x person got so trashed and bla bla bla. Interesting predicament. It should be fun to see how it all plays out.
Anyway, I need to do some works. I'm so happy that it's Friday.

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