Monday, October 20, 2008

OH, so you think YOU have it bad...

SO, I don't really like Mondays. I suppose if Monday were Tuesday I wouldn't particularly love it either. Neither here nor there. Mondays typically consist of a longerish run for me (which means getting up early... again) and then a poor hair choice of putting my quite short hair into a pony tail. Anywho, my long run was on Sunday this week so I showered yesterday afternoon and couldn't make myself get up this morning to do it again (this postpones my longer-ish run to tomorrow or wed.) I just feel like I can't get enough rest. Anyway, so I'm a bit sore after my 18 mile trek yesterday. Mondays also consist of our volunteering for the college men's and women's bible studies at UT... you know, the one in which I don't get home until 11 PM and I'm an old woman and so I typically go to bed at 10 pm? Today is just a long day in general. I'd love to share this with others, perhaps even people at work, but that's impossible. I mean, not completely impossible, but here's the deal...

a. This one woman I work with apparently has a miserable life that consists of 18 after school activities that never let her be at home or do anything enjoyable ever. She is one of those no-nonsense funny people who also has a very grumpy side. Anyway, if you say anything about having a long day or something there is ALWAYS a response... or is it a competition? I'm not sure. But it involves something about how she didn't get home until even later than you (which I don't buy) and then she had to help with homework (her kids are old enough to do it themselves high school and 8th grade), and something for her husband (who is apparently unable to do anything around the house on his own.) So, clearly, her life is worse than yours (not that I'm attempting to say my life is AT ALL bad... this is just the turn of the competition.)

B. my admin asst... bless her heart, is the nicest woman. She's so sweet and constantly asks about my running and is always followed by the same response. This week, again mentioned running 18 miles on SUNDAY (so I haven't had a day of recovery.) She asked if I'm sore. I say, "yes." She says... wow, and that was only 18...Imagine that you have to run 26! Can I mention that I'm terrified of this? I'm already afraid that I won't be able to complete this distance. I mean, that's 8 more miles than I ran yesterday. SCARY. I don't want to walk. I have a POSSIBLY attainable goal in finishing in 4 hours and 15 minutes (though more likely between 4 hours and 20-30 minutes.) Ug. stop your mindless chatter.

C. Someone asked if I was going to keep going even though my legs hurt. She just assumed I'd stop. No. This will have been 6 months of effort. I'm not quitting now.

D. The people who say, "wow. I can't even run a mile." You can (most of you... agreed, not everyone.) You can push yourself and that's what this is about for me. No, I'm not a runner. I'll never be a runner, I'm simply someone who runs. I'm not the person who can not run for 6 months and then just go run 8 miles (like my hubs... though he is now running, and can kick my arse. I attribute this to his gazelle legs compared to mine.... clearly not the fact that he ran CC in college.) This is hard, but I am able. I am running for an amazing cause that has many personal reasons tied to it. Few of them know "why" I'm choosing to do this, and they haven't asked.. Which would be my first question when someone says they are going to do something crazy.

Anywhos, Mondays. I look forward to a weekend in which I have nothing planned (including a weekend without running), and no volunteer work on Monday nights. I know... that's terrible for me to say, but honest.

Cheers to the pool being open, though.. and heated.

In random other news... my mom has mentioned by birthday now 3 times and has consistently been wrong on the day (not necessarily the date). Awesome. Perhaps her decrepit old age of 31 years older than me is playing tricks on her mind.

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