Thursday, October 9, 2008

How things work

Umm.. I don't understand a lot of things...
multi-vitamins-whoa. How do you get all of those things in one pill? So confusing.
the dishwasher--where do those food elements go?
car batteries--why are they so heavy?
double bubble--not tasty. why do I crave it?
games--who decided that football was a game with all of these rules? how did that start?
hippos--you're cute, but what is your purpose?
running marathons--yes, I'm doing this, but I don't understand how it works--there may be death at the end.
iron supplements--you scare me, but I will take you.
bumper sticker madness--why do you need 18 stickers on your car?
powdered--eggs, milk, etc. How did you become in powder form? Were you frozen and then tapped with a hammer and you turned into dust? ashes to ashes?
gas prices--I don't understand how you can have 9/10's of a penny
fractions--I don't get them, unless in pie form
good vs bad credit.

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Catherine said...

"hippos--you're cute, but what is your purpose?"

One of the funniest things I've read this week.