Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh the events

Oh the events of my life. I'm quite important so important that I must post about things like finally getting new running shoes. I'm very excited about this whole event. I know, they're a little blingy, but hey... it's not about fashion (I desperately wanted him to bring out the very attractive purple ones, but alas.. my foot type apparently requires semi-hideous running shoes.) Who knew. I'm sure that these will enhance my running and make me very fast... or at least you can be distracted by the shiny-ness of them and then forget what you are looking at and in a flash I'm gone. This was yesterday.

This weekend was the long awaited hs reunion. Well, not that long awaited because we didn't plan enough in advance for a lot of people to come. It was fun, though. it was a small crowd, which eliminated cliques. Everyone looks the same, but older, and with more drinks in hand. I think this is a requirement--even people who may not drink regurally are required to have a t least a few drinks at the reunion. We all went out afterwards and had a merry (drunken) ole' time. This left me to recoup the next morning over fried catfish with the fams for lunch. It was a whirl wind weekend filled with lots of eating and running around. I'm pretty sure I gained mucho lbs this w/e because of all of the eating and lack of working out. Only ONE month until my race though! I can't wait for it to be here.

Ok, I should go back to work... you should also be happy for my new shoes.

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