Friday, December 18, 2009


Have you ever had someone get engaged and you were SUPER excited about it? Like, you feel as if YOU got engaged? Ok, maybe it's not that serious (and lets be honest, most of the time when ANY of my close friends get engaged I get silly about it.) However, this one is HUGE. One of my BFF's got engaged yesterday, December 17. Which is also the same day I got engaged 6 years ago... and the same day that Ben's bff got engaged 3 years ago. Pretty popular date. It must mean that the stars aligned or other some sort of shenanigans.

So, I went to the doc and then checked my phone and had 2 missed calls from said friend but no messages. I then check my email and have an email with nothing in the body, but the subject is "Answer your phone, bitch." This tipped me off a bit. Though, I will not lie, my first thought was that everything moved in like 24 hours and she bought a house (offer has already been accepted.) Then... I thought some more and figured she'd leave a message for that. So, I call her back. No answer. Call her back. No answer. (This is where, should it be my parents, I begin alternating different phone lines and stalker calling. mom cell-house line--mom cell--dad cell--house line--sister "have you heard from our parentals?) But as we are a younger generation I only have one option. She calls me back. We're talking and then I get called back for a lab. DAMN IT. I have to let her go and then immediately tell the lab person ALL about how my friend got engaged, and I thought it was the house, and so excited bla bla bla.

Luckily, lab person was a little on the nutty end so all was well and she seemed excitable, too. Or at least, just crazy enough to not put "crazy" on my file. Which is always what I'm going for.

SO YAY!!!! Is it wrong that I immediately start imagining a fall wedding. Michigan. apples everywhere. brown bridesmaid dresses. Her hair perfectly in a low pony tail with a flower in it vs. veil (could be because I watched The Hangover last night and the girls hair was like this... beautiful wedding--HILARIOUS movie.) It will be perfect. Classic.

I want to get married again and do it all differently. Or... I want to go to Greece in 2011. Ok, that's already on the books and I'll choose that over getting married again. I will take a right hand ring as a substitute.


Meach said...

So exciting!!

John said...

Amy is the only BFF I know in Michigan. Is devries getting hitched? Hurray for miss Amy!

Lord, I need to stay in touch with more people.