Monday, October 24, 2011


So today is my birthday.  I'm 32.  Which is kind of annoying because until Saturday night I thought I was turning 31?  I'm not sure where that year went?  I lost it somehow.  Memory loss is already happening.  But let me tell you about the awesome things that have already happened today--

1.  G$ slept in until 7:20 (which kind of stinks because I use him as my alarm clock and so I got up and Abby's flying fairy school was already on!  This is how I know if I'm late.  Where we are in the Street.)
2.  Sleeping in because Ben forced multiple amazing cocktails on me last night.  Seriously.  Amazing.  He infused vodka with some chiles and then broiled strawberries and pureed them and then put in mint and lime and soda.  So so good.
3.  He wrote on the mirror last night so I woke up to it this morning.  Cute.  (minus my having to clean it)
4.  Dogs are groomed.  No more maggie bringing in leaves.  YESSSSSSSSSssss
5.  G and I were reading Goodnight Moon before nap time and it was the first time that he looked at me and said "hush" in the right spot!  My heart about stopped.  I wanted to document it.  Cutest.  thing.  Ever.
6.  A friend left fresh cookies at my door.
7.  And some guy who was selling cleaning products knocked on my door forever and I finally answered and he wanted to prove that there were no chemicals and he licked the spray bottle inside spouty thing.

Ok, that last one is not awesome as much as totally weird.  But It happened.


Elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love birthdays, especially when they happen to people I know (or sort-of-know-via-the-internets).

Also, the next time I think I'm having a rough day at work, I will think of the spout-licker and feel better about things. I have such a funny mental picture of how that situation unfolded. Classic.

CDS said...

A I adore you and wish you the happiest birthday ever! Sounds like you are having a great day so far, and I hope it only gets better. 32 was great for me...I had sweetness when I was 32, so I know that it will be memorable for licker and all! xoxo Cheers!

jill said...

happy birthday! you're older than me...i feel good about that. and confession, i had to ask my hubs if i was going to be 32. he informed me that i was born in an odd year, this is an odd year and that my age would be an even number.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday! I am 32 also, and ever since I turned 30 I can't remember how old I am. Seriously, I have to REALLY think about it!

A.B. said...

THanks ladies! It was an awesome day.

Jill, I totally don't follow that math discussion. I'm sure it makes sense, but I prefer to use a calculator on my phone :)

CDS I think my sweetness was replaced by snarky years ago :)

Elizabeth, I like how our online friendship is progressing.