Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bedazzle a pumpkins? Why not?

I've been puffy painting. I'm addicted. And my thumb hurts so much that it hurts to type. Apparently my puffy paint muscles have not been worked out since the early 90's. Now that I look at the picture I see clear areas that need towrk. Like... lots more black dots, but y'all it's been like two-a-days up in here. Meaning, I did the silver then went back for the black, then ate dinner, then went back for more black. So three a days--which is just crazy. Who doesn't love a bedazzled pumpkin?

Other part of my day started around 3:30 when the vaccinations (clearly, they are evil) woke up my baby and made him scream, have advil, go to sleep for an hour and then wake up unconsolably screaming some more. Sleep. Go to daycare. Come home early from day care, nap, scream, scream, scream, 20 mins before Ben gets home be totally happy and fine. Of course. I considered the reverse nurse. Can you go back once you've quit? Because lambie wasn't cutting it. He doesn't take a paci. I hate to introduce one now; and don't think it would work anyway. My tiny pancake mom boobs probably wouldn't hold attention for long anyway. Sigh. He's so sweet and cute though. I'm letting it go.

Ben got home and I said, "Mama needs to peace out." Him: "Where are you going?" Me: "No clue." I visited DSW to see if I could find the boots I ordered, but of course, walked around overwhelmed and aimlessly because there are SO MANY EFFING SHOES. I know, my dream, right? But no. It's too much. I did find a pair of ridiculous turqoise shoes for <$100... I wanted them. Bad.  But I left them where they belong--in the interrogation lighting with other people who seem perfectly comfortable there.

So I left and went to JoAnn's, bought puffy paint, considered yarn for a wreath, bought ribbon and then to Spec's for a box o' wine.  I'm a classy lady, guys.  Cla-ssy.  And have regained my sanity.

And finally, how hilarious is this?  Subs "mama" for "dada."  Welcome to my life.

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