Sunday, October 9, 2011

We went ouuuuuuuuutttt last night.

The Big B and I.  We went OUT.  On date to a wedding.  The two of us.  With a baby sitter.  Well, the babysitter was at home, but the two of us went to a wedding.  You follow me?  It was also RAINING?!   Y'all.  It hasn't rained here in like 9 months.  We drove around today and talked about how it LOOKS like fall and the leaves are changing, but it's more that trees are dying.  It even kind of feels like fall (low 70's.)  FINALLY.

In other news, I felt the need to document our leaving the house when both dressed nicely and me wearing makeup AND fixing ish my hair.  wha wha?

Yah.  Car pictures.  We're there.

I think he felt awkward.

Go-go gadget arm?  That arm looks creeptastic.  And maybe I have a Jay Leno chin.  Happens.  AT LEAST I HAVE A CHIN.  This is advancement from my chineck.

Pre-Ceremony.  Lock it up.  Click it or ticket.  Don't mess with Texas.  Other things.

The couple.  Beauty.  I love a wedding couple.  (I want a new wedding dress.)

Shine factor?  High.  Fun-factor?  vodka soda 2 limes.

This picture was requested.  Odd.  I thought so at the time, too.  You probs can't tell on my face.  It's there.  In my highly allergic eyes. 

Turned this one black and white.  I'm apparently allergic to my new mascara.  Eyes burning.  Painful.  Before we left the house.  The lashes looked good though so I let it go.  Suffered.  In whining teary complainingness silence. 

Go-go gadget lips?  Crazy eyes.  Gigantic teeth.

This is us.  Fancy.  Out.  Home by 10:30. 

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CDS said...

Super cute!!! :)