Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The race.

We found my name on the Nike town wall.  Only 23,000 of us.  No big deal.
Our Austin Group.  Niketown sign.  Start line.
 Me and Ben. Mile 10.  Golden gate photos.  Tiffany's finishers medal!

In the ocean.  Ice bath for my... feet only.  Ladies celebration.  YAY!

So the weather was ah-mazing.  It was early.  With 23k of my new bff's.  I say that because you can only be so close with strangers.  We were packed in there for realz.  It's a beautiful run.  Even the entire uphill mile 6. Gorgeous.  I chose to run with another girl from my team because I didn't care about my time and would rather run with someone else.  We also stopped to take pictures.  Like, five times.  

The cortisone shot worked like a charm.  It's achy, but fine.  We get Tiffany's necklaces handed out by SF firemen in tuxes at the end of the race.  Which sounds dreamy, minus my bff's all stopping for the photo op.  Move biatches.  I kid.  I kid.  Kind of.  

The ocean felt amazeballs.  I heard some guy propose to his gf at the finish line.  I finished at the same time as the first marathon runner (because it took me at least 30 ish mins to start the race and then a bazillion miles of weaving in and out of people.  Oh, and you know because I'm not fast and the pictures.)

Next time I'll post pics of our funsie time (what it was all about.)  Let me say... it involves like 95 pics of me pretending to be on ANTM.  Turns out that little leap they do is harder than it looks.  

I was the top fundraiser for my team which leads to presents.  I got an awesome Nike half zip, get a nike jacket, new jersey, etc.  Over 118 mill raised for LLS.  Kind of life changing--for a lot of people.  


Perfectly Imperfect said...

aww! i so proud of you you little runner!!

Heidi Bruch said...

Way to rock it!

Courtneytcu98 said...

Do I spy a new sweaty band to celebrate?

Meg said...

AWESOME! And I didnt know there were Tiffany medals involved! I might be convinced to train for another half for a little blue box (or actually, what is inside the box..) And BIG congratulations to you on being such a fabulous fund raiser. You are amazing.....and you look great too....ANTM watch out!!!

A.B. said...

The sweaty band is relatively new. I can do all things through the sweaty band who strengthens me. It may sound like a sacrelig, but it's true.

Meg, you get a necklace with a charm on it every year! It's awesome!