Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This post is going to be all over the place.  Fo' sho.
1.  If I have learned anything from TV it's that Nick JR is the same as preschool.  And because I want G$ to be smart I turned it on this afternoon (it was the preschool thing.  nothing to do with the fact that he was super whiny.)  No lie.  I counted 14 commercials.  In a row.  If he were a stay at home he'd desperately want some proactive.
2.  Then word girl was on (which I kind of like) until it got to this kid who said his favorite word is "cracker."  This kid will not have friends.  Until he is quirky.

G's name was almost Graham, until I put on my middle school boy thinking cap and figured out he'd been Graham Cracker Black and that's just not good because well, we are like the epitome of "stuff white people like" and our last name is black and well we like to use the term Cracker jokingly at our house.  Random.  Yes.  Ben told me that video wasn't funny.  Clearly he did not have a cocktail at 2:30 and watch wordgirl.  It IS funny.

Next on the list--I went for some facial waxing last night and the girl used a cotton ball and oil to clean off the remaining wax (recall... when I tried to do this myself and couldn't get the wax off.  awesome)  Anyway, worst.  feeling.  ever.  Cotton ball falling apart.  On your face.  And you can hear it.  I almost gagged and asked her to leave it all.  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm texture issues much?

G$'s first sit on the "man couch" at Ann Taylor Loft.  He's all, "Mom.  it's fine.  No, the first one.  No, you don't look fat.  Can we go chase birds soon?"  Snacks.  A purse.  And a little sale from banana on the side.  That's my kind of guy.  This was after we went to cookie time at Ben's work.  Um, I said cookie time.  They have fresh baked cookies everyday at 3.  We don't go more often because usually I'm not presentable by 2 (meaning I've lost my over the shoulder bolder holder and am probably wearing pj's, my dirty hair is back and my makeup has disappeared.)  We were in good form the other day though!

And finally.  Griffin asks, "Does this sweaty band make me look fat?"


Elizabeth said...

That cotton ball thing made me cringe and have to put my fingers in my ears for a minutes. Yikes. Perhaps this connection is why we are friends.

A.B. said...

Elizabeth, it was awful. Truly awful. I also threw away a pony tail holder today because it got super wet on the counter when I was doing dishes. I couldn't bear to touch it.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

You absolutely crack me up. That is all.