Thursday, October 20, 2011

self conscious?

So I read blogs.  I pretend we are friends and I'm invested in your lives (in a creepy non-stalkery kind of way.)  I was kind of sad to be away (not really) because catching up on your lives is way more important than catching up on laundry or unpacking my suitcase and I'm STILL BEHIND (on your lives... and the laundry.  And I keep taking clothes out of the suitcase to wear... so at some point it should be empty.)

So I go to read someone's blog only to find I've been REJECTED.  Rejected.  Like that one time I didn't get the job at banana republic for the holidays (even though I proudly told them I was going to be gone for 2 weeks for christmas/new years.)  How could they not want me? 

So I know it doesn't matter.  I should not have my feelings hurt.  And I should definitely stop checking to see if they have added me because they missed this glaring mistake.  What?  Crazy?  Need sleep?  Need those molars to just stop growing or to be full on teeth?  Yes.  I need that. 

I also need new boots.  (This is not at all connected to the other.)


Brooke said...

A HUGE congrats on your race!!! Loved your photos! You go guuuuuuuuuuuuurl!

CDS said...

Why?! Why would anyone reject you? I never would dream of it. BTW I suck...I never sent you $$ and I wanted to support you. Things are KA-KA-CRAZY town around here. Ugh...*le sigh.

Meg said...

I've been stalking boots....buying them on the internet, returning them, trying the same four pairs on at the mall over and's kind of driving me crazy.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

well i know it's not me because i stalk you so...


A.B. said...

Ceci, we need a happy hour to decompress together :)

Meg, clearly you deserve to own all 4 pairs of boots.

Other Meg, please keep stalking me and I'll keep stalking you. XOXO

Thanks Brooke. I try to be fasty pants like you. Alas, I'm slowsky pants.

Meach said...

Maybe they don't know they rejected you. . . I can't imagine anyone doing it knowingly. You're great!

I just bought some off of Athleta - I love love love their stuff, but never buy anything but bathing suits. So, the boots came with 2 dresses too! (no, I really bought it all). We'll see if it fits when they come.

Boots were a wedge heel, so they're functional, right? Again, we'll see.


CDS said...

We should facetime on our ipads and drink...maybe let the kids meet! :) (I'm serious)...xoxo