Tuesday, November 22, 2011

16 months. I'll drink to that.

Is that inappropriate?  But seriously, I'm having a drink. My baby is a big ol' 16 month old (in mom speak), a little over a year in normal people speak.  He's cute.  He's funny.  He has recently (this week maybe?) learned to throw a FIT (less cute.  but makes me laugh.)  He also has learned to say "gaga" or cracker, which I desperately want to teach him means white people.  I won't, but that's a joy of motherhood, right?  no, I think that's a joy of Aunt-hood--because then it isn't YOUR kid that's weird.  Am I right, Court?

The kids says a lot of words--most of which sound the same, but I know what he's talking about--which is clearly what matters (that and at the doctor's office.  we don't want to fail a test.)  He says toes, nose, eyes, mama, dada, gaga, something weird for sucker, plane, truck, dinosaur (or just sor, lets be real), hi, bye, the more (now pronounced moyyyyy), up, down, blows kisses, doesn't do anything on command, and would like to eat dog food.  And a quarter if I had let him today.  (I didn't, for the record.)  He's started repeating.  Mama needs to start remembering that part.

I can't imagine loving someone more.  He cracks me up.  He pretend falls all of the time.  Still loves for us to feed him.  Doesn't really love meat.  Is obsessed with the dogs.  I worry has OCD (wants to turn on the lights after nap and closes doors), still has all of his teeth and is getting more (yay....), told me he was "stuck" last night when he couldn't get out of his stroller, anddddddddd is having his second Thanksgiving this week.  How is that possible??

2 years ago we announced we were having a baby at T-giving (except for to my sister who I had to tell early so she could cover for me for not having any vino.)  We've come a long way.

Here's a video.


CDS said...

He's the cutest A! Congrats on getting to 16 months! I can't believe I've got a nearly 13 month old...last Thanksgiving I was a wreck with a wee 3 week old...and now here I am with a sweet girl who giggles all the time, goes up and down stairs by herself and says "gracias" when she hands you things. We are blessed...and therefore we deserve drinkS!

Meg said...

I'm pouring myself a little mommy-tail right now, and pouring out half my 40 for little G$. Happy Turkey Day.

Meg said...

I LOVE this video....LOVE LOVE LOVE it! He's so cute....I would ask him to come to me if I saw him at big lots....I would not have pine cones in my cart though...

Beth Dunn said...

So sweet!
I'll drink to that too

A.B. said...

Please pour one out for G$. He's gangsta at heart. Meg, are you suggesting your mommy-tail is a 40? Because that is awesome. I usually stick with the roman cokes or a glass of vino... or both. Whatevs.